Business Computer Solutions

Serving the Houston area since 1980, we specialize in Multi-user Business Automation Solutions using Unix, Linux and Windows in conjunction with Business Basic.  We have customers in a variety of industries including: Wholesale Plumbing, Reprographics, Wholesale/Retail Roofing & Siding Products, Freight Packing & Forwarding, Light Manufacturing, and others.

Some of our customers have gone through 4 or 5 servers and grown from 2 or 3 users to over 100 users over the last 20 years and are still using their original software customized to their specific needs.

We can provide Turn Key solutions including computer hardware and communications equipment, in case you have multiple locations that need to be tied together. We can also work with you on your current equipment, help you select equipment, & support  your current Business Basic applications.

For cost effective multi-user computer solutions contact: Glos Programming Services


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