Glos Programming Services has been working on Multi-User Computer Business Solutions since 1980.  Our customers range in size from small 2 user plus computer systems to those with over 100 users.

Accounting Packages: OSAS Open Systems Accounting Software is currently our package of choice.  We have also done work on ADD+ON , State of the Art and others.  We have had much experience with IDOL BAS which was later named Thoroughbred Accounting and was previously CBS.

Languages: Our primary computer language experience has been in Business Basic.  Variations of this language have been in use since the 1970s and include Basic Four, BBX and PRO5 from Basis, Providex, PVXPlus, Thoroughbred Basic and others.

Operating Systems: Business Basic runs on a variety of operating systems.  Our current preferred server operating system is Centos or RedHat Linux and we also work on SCO Unix, running on Intel/AMD platforms.  We also do Windows.

Computers: Intel/AMD based PCs combined with Unix and Business Basic provide a very powerful, responsive, reliable and cost effective solution to many business requirements.  These can be setup with networked PCs running Windows.


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