Computers: Intel/AMD based PCs seem to be the most cost effective.  We can set you up with a system or help you pick one out.                                                
Dell has a system with plenty of bang for the buck and a 3 year on site warranty.  Gateway, Compaq and others also have excellent solutions for both workstations and servers.

Networking: To get your computers to communicate with your server and the internet you will need to network them and there are a variety of hubs, switches, routers, firewalls, wireless access points, etc. to economically do this.  The following offer some excellent solutions to these problems:
Multitech   Linksys   Dlink   Netgear   SMC 

Barcoding: After quite a bit of research and trials, the best wireless barcode terminal in our opinion is the M7100 from AML and they are a great company to work with.  Handheld Products has some good barcode readers, etc.  Zebra has some good barcode label printers.
AML   Handheld Products   Zebra

Printers: We've had excellent success with the following:
HP: Black & White & Color Lasers
Brother: Multi Function Centers and Lasers including networked faxing
Dell: Black & White & Color Lasers

Let us put it altogether for you.


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